Ceramic Japan  2023

The WATOJI collection is a series of flower vases designed with inspiration from the bookbinding technique called “WATOJI”. This traditional technique uses thread to bind paper and has been used since ancient times in Japan.
Ceramic Japan


The porcelain body of the WATOJI vase is manufactured to precise dimensions by Ceramic Japan so that it resembles two sheets of paper put together on the front and back. Kyokumihimo is a special type of thread made by Shoen Kumihimo, a company based in Uji, Kyoto. This unique thread is woven through the vase, allowing it to functionally hang on the wall with the balanced beauty of combining the two materials.










There are two sizes available in the WATOJI vase, and Kyokumihimo is available in beige and mint colour ways. You can arrange how the vase is threaded and create personalised looks. The case has a flat base and can also be stood on the tabletop and floor.


Photos by Akihito Mori