Tile Sashi

prototype  2014

The contemporary tiles industry is erasing the boundaries between natural and industrial, raw and processed materials.
Nowadays is virtually possible to simulate the appearance and texture of any material in ceramic. Like Cotto’s Marmo granito tile, which gives you the feeling of a natural stone. Tile sashi (slice in Japanese) is a collection of bathroom furniture inspired by the act of slicing a raw material in order to build something new.
By slicing the tiles in thin strips we are able to give a three-dimensional configuration to a flat material, making it become part of the surface of the furniture and, in this way, mimetizing it with the bathroom architecture. In order to give a softer appeal to the tiles, pastel colour is used in the junctions and other natural materials such as red clay and cork are mixed.

Project developed in collaboration with Rui Pereira




: Photos by Alfredo Dante Vallesi