Stack Weight

Tomoya  2020

The stack weight is a water injection type tank that can be stacked neatly.

It has an overall compacted shape inspired by a rectangular block body, and the upper surface is flattened by putting the handle inside the main body. The sides have a vertically ribbed, wave-like surface to increase strength, which connects when stacked. This feature not only makes the product more durable but minimises the appearance of scratches as well.

Two sizes are available, one with a larger capacity of 10.5 liters and the other with a smaller capacity of 6 liters. As a weight for standing outdoor signboards, the clean form and a calm color tone were carefully selected not to distract any passerby.

There is a chamfer on the tops and bottoms of the weights. When stacked, it fits into each other and stabilises. There is also a circular recess on the bottom of the weights that the lid will align intocreating a fixed position for the weights when stacked.

The Stack Weight is a weight that is functional and considers the scenery around it.

Photos by Michiko Hisafuji

Project support:WGD Kyoto