Lemnos  2019

“fral” is an innovative new home fragrance product that has been created using aluminium casting technology that allows you to enjoy fragrance in your home. All that you need to do is to set the cartridge in the aluminium case and add drops of the fragrance of your choice. The case is designed to spread the fragrance perfectly when you place it in your personal/intimate space, such as on your desk or beside your bed. Moreover, the highly sealed aluminium case will allow you to precisely control the diffusion of the fragrance by adjusting the lid.

In addition, fral has a unique and extraordinary figure that functions unlike many existing diffusers, which is made possible by adopting the cartridge system. This conventional system delivers a whole new design range to the world of diffusers.

Insert the cartridge into the base of the fragrance case and place a few drops of your favorite room fragrance. When you want to enjoy the scent, you simply take off the lid. You can also minimize the smell by putting the lid back on. When the scent wears off, you simply add some drops of fragrance to refresh the diffuser.

There are two types of fragrances that have been created specifically for this product. The fragrances are created by a Japanese artistic perfumer using all natural ingredients such as raw materials from Grasse in France.

Within the cartridge, a type of polyolefin composite fiber is used to absorb and diffuse the fragrance oil with the greatest efficiency. It also retains liquid for a longer duration of time due to its high porosity: at nearly 90%, it superior capability of absorbing and diffusing liquid by a capillary action.

The cartridge system allows the user to casually change the scents and to enjoy a variety of fragrances.
By taking advantage of the progressive precision technology of aluminum casting, it has greatly enhanced the sealing performance of the diffuser, increasing the ability to keep the scent in when it is not necessary and prevent volatilization at the same time.

Another character convenience of the fral is that it is easy to carry. A beautifully polished exterior to the fral, with a cute but elegant and exquisite form, ensures that this aluminium fragrance case will enhance any environment presently with design and scent.



:Photos by Mari Horiuchi, Ariyoshi Matsuo(With white background)