Accessories  2023

The Compact Purester is a device that generates slightly acidic water for sterilisation purposes, often used in food handling facilities, stores, and other places that require hygiene management.


The specifications of the conventional Puresterseries were reviewed to create the most compact casing without compromising the necessary functions. The device body and the electrolyte solution bottle can now be installed separately, making it possible to be installed in narrow spacesand in turn reducing costs.


The operating section of the main unit is made up of a minimum number of elements, giving it a clean appearance, befitting a product for hygiene management. To achieve this, the interface allows light to pass through the cabinet to display text, and the window elements are not visible when not displayed.


The electrolyte solution bottle has a structure that allows the door to be opened and closed by inserting a coin into the groove and rotating it, thereby removing the hinges and protrusions traditionally used for the lid, and leaving the cutout part on the outside. A smooth and beautiful surface is achieved by concealing the doorhowever the structure still allows for easy opening and closing even in narrow spaces.


Inresponse to the new specifications that allow for both floor-mounting and wall-mounting, the Purestercomes with both external leg parts and wall-mounting brackets to ensure a seamless appearance and ease of use when each is installed.