FIAM Italia  2024

In Japan, there is an interesting flower called the “Sankayou” Flower found in only a small number of mountainous areas. This flower, Diphylleiagrayi, or more commonly known in English as the Skeleton Flower is extremely unique. The petals of this flower become transparent only when exposed to dew in conditions of low temperature and high humidity, making them look like fine glasswork.

The Tau Pendant Lamp’s design was inspired by the “sankayou” Flower.

The concept features transparent petals reimagined in a modern and simple shape. The three sheets of oval-shaped glass are processed to showcase a soft three-dimensional curve and are finished with an organic texture. They are assembled with a small space between them so that they do not overlap, further emphasising the delicateness of the design.

By allowing the light inside to pass through these three pieces of tinted glass, the Tau Pendant Lamp evokes a sense of mystery and natural beauty that can only be witnessed when certain conditions are met in nature like with the Skeleton Flower.

This pendant lamp utilises flat glass processing techniques by FIAM Italia which allows the glass plate to be freely bent into three-dimensional shapes and to add precise textures. This results in an alluring and original product with a quality finish. This is an elevated product complement’s FIAM Italia’s interior mood and works well in all spaces.