Smart Dispenser Stand

Tomoya  2021

Smart Dispenser Stand is a free-standing contactless disinfectant dispenser. The exterior is made entirely of metal, and the shape is adjusted so that it is non-obstructive, no matter where it is placed.



The upper part has a simplified sign that shows the function at a glance. The sign “AUTO” and the arrow are appropriately sized so that people are compelled to reach out and use the dispenser.

The disinfectant can be refilled by simply opening the door-type front box.

In addition, the slightly oversized tray catches any stray disinfectant. The tray is magnetic and can be removed easily during maintenance.

The leg frame and floor pedestal are also removable, allowing for ease of handling. The SMART DISPENSER STAND comes in black, which fits into various spaces beautifully.
Photos by Michiko Hisafuji

Project support:WGD Kyoto