Sapore dei Mobili

prototype  2012

Do we still have appetite for all this furniture?
Sapore dei mobili was born as a reflection about the velocity of the contemporary furniture industry and how the consumers are unable to digest the huge amount of new products companies are launching in the market every year. The furniture pan is an object that mixes both traditional Japanese small cakes ‘baby castella’ with a Portuguese egg based pastry called ‘ovos moles’. Using the same molding technique we created a new typology of object and at the same time a new tradition. Playing with food is now allowed. Serve your favorite pieces of furniture to your friends and kids. You can create your eatable living room and paint you furniture cakes with your favorite jams and toppings. In this way when the user gets full of his furniture he just eats it without creating disposals. And start all over again with a different recipe. Enjoy your furniture! Buon appetito.

Project developed in collaboration with Rui Pereira.