Mizukiri Collection

Belle Maison  2021

Ryosuke Fukusada has released a unique draining solution that combines stainless steel and acrylic, perfect for use around the sink.


Dish racks are essential to every household. What’s unique about the “Mizukiri” is that it has a clear acrylic tray on the bottom to direct the flow of water and still goes aesthetically unnoticed. The tray is designed with a sleek fold in the center to allow water to flow back into the sink and be easily removed and washed. The stainless steel body is elegant in its shape and has the minimum amount of wires, creating a simpler form. The gap between the wires is sized perfectly for plates. The bent wires at the two ends of this draining rack help support larger items such as cutting boards and platters.



The drainer basket comes with a cutlery holder as an add on option. You can use it by hooking it onto the main dish draining rack on the back wherever you like.




Like the drainer basket, the sponge rack and glass stand are made of the minimum amount of stainless steel wire, and the transparent acrylic tray drains water into the sink.
The sponge rack is sized to accommodate detergent bottles and sponges easily. The tall wire on the back provides stability for longer items.
The glass stand has adjusted wires so that the glasses and water bottles can be placed soundly without slipping or wobbling.


The kitchen tool stand has a box shaped acrylic tray at the bottom that will collect water wherever you place it. The stainless steel partition on the inside can be easily removed and washed. The design of this stand takes into account the number of wires needed to support your daily tools.

The Mizukiri collection will keep your sink area neat, allowing you to work efficiently by redirecting the flow of water.
Belle Maison