IWAIDARU is a paper package gift to replace orchids or other flowers typically used for opening events. In most cases, it is customary to send flowers such as phalaenopsis orchids as gifts from companies to celebrate the opening of a store, however after the flowers inevitably wilt, they get thrown away. Therefore, this aesthetic and sustainable packaging option is longer lasting with thoughtful disposal methods and can replace the tradition of sending flowers. Also, this design functions as a beautiful sign to display the names of the sender and receiver.



Structurally speaking, this package utilises an octagonal prism as its base where gifts can be stored. Sake and shochu are available as the gift set with this product. This inherits the traditional Japanese culture of putting sake in a container called Tsunodaru and sending it for celebrations.

On the upper side, 16 folded rectangular prism paper pillars are crossed and assembled to beautifully express the structure spreading into space like flowers growing outwards. The unique shape is integrated with the centre to the base and forms the stand.The paper surface finish is available in two colours, crimson and gold, which are colours that represent a celebration in Japanese culture. This design is made of all paper but has a sturdy structure, making it suitable for the storage and carrying of gifts. Of course, it is highly recyclable, and resources can be reused.




The gifts store in the base is a set of five types of sake; Daiginjo Genshu, Daiginjo, Ginjo, Umeshu, and unrefined sake made by Oishi Shuzo in Kyoto. In addition, you can choose from the package of HINEMOS, a brand with a new concept that offers sake according to what time of day you plan to drink it with pure rice shochu JORAKU by Juraku Shuzo in Kumamoto.

IWAIDARU brings new developments and innovations to the Japanese gift culture.

:Photos by Koichiro Kashiwa
:Packaging producer Nakagawa Kamiso Co., Ltd.
:In collaboration with Oishi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. / RiceWine, Inc.

:Movie by SEWI / Fuminobu Nakamura and Ginatayomi / Shinichi Arimoto