Frame Partition

Tomoya  2020

The frame partition is a protective wall to prevent infection via droplets. By using metal square prisms as a frame, a thin acrylic plate can be placed inside, creating a self-supporting structure. You can move this modular wall around, carrying it by the metal frame to not damage the delicate acrylic.


The lower part of the frame is and an L-shape for support and balance fixed with screws. The inner acrylic plate can be easily removed by removing the screws.

There are two sizes; the shorter is placed on top of desks and prevents direct droplets from face-to-face communication.

When it is no longer necessary to use this partition wall for droplet infection prevention, it can also be used as a dividing wall by inserting an opaque panel for privacy.

The taller ones are placed on the floor in the middle of benches or between chairs lined up at a counter to prevent droplets and allow you to sit comfortably even at close distances.

Photos by Michiko Hisafuji

Project support : WGD Kyoto