Driving Sunglasses Second Model

DEEC  2020

The frames for DEEC’s second model is designed with a connecting rod motif. This is inspired by the form of the rod that connects the “piston” and “crankshaft” in a car engine. It is an essential component that transmits the vertical movement of the piston to the crankshaft as a rotational movement. Connecting rods are components that receive complex forces such as compressive, tensile, and bending forces, and require extremely high strength.

These second model frames were designed to be as just as durable as the connecting rods but more sleek and lightweight. The titanium is cut as thin as possible, and by making a slight dent on the side profile of the frame, it achieves a modern and streamlined look. Furthermore, colour is used as an accent using the two-colour plating in the dent part of the side. The curved edges of the frame have 4 delicate lines running through the middle that symbolise DEEC. We have prepared 4 types of frame designs suitable for the expansion of DEEC’s luxury eyewear collection.

DEEC original round frame reworked as driving sunglasses from a round shape with a classic feel.

The combination of a long bridge and a small square lens creates a vintage look but with contemporary elements making it suitable for modern times.

A standard and well-balanced model that combines the oval and the square, regardless of the shape of the wearer’s face, this frame will bring out the best features.

A unique teardrop type model that fits a Japanese face due to slightly horizontal proportions.
:Photos by SEWI / Fuminobu Nakamura