Chim Chim 2.0

HAY  2020

With the evocative shape of an archetypal wood-stove, CHIM CHIM invites for a moment of disconnection from our daily routines. Olfactory memory and fire fascination are intrinsically connected to our humanity. With this object we aim to engage the user in a ritual like moment, where all senses are activated.

Scent its also a very personal matter and can express ones personality. CHIM CHIM invites the user to mix and match oils, creating different atmosphere according to ones state of mind.

The two ceramic elements composing this box like container, veil the tea light candle, which crackles through a small window, without directly showing the fire source, consequently mimicking a small fireplace.

The same heat source enables the scented oil diffusion, previously allocated on the lid’s top cavity. The use of colored porcelain, in an array of bright and pastel tones, has been selected for its durability and heat resistance properties.


:Photos by HAY

Project in collaboration with RuiPereira